Social charter

Ethical responsibility for sustainable, social and resource-sparing business.

Certified, first-class quality

When it comes to quality, you need to be able to rely one hundred per cent on your partners and suppliers.

This is why we set up our quality management system back in 1998, and why we are of course certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Th. Geyer Ingredients – certified to ISO 9001:2015

Fairtrade certificate

Th. Geyer Ingredients satisfies Fairtrade standards

In recent years, issues such as health-conscious nutrition and sustainability have become increasingly important, and that goes for us, too. We attach great importance to trading with Fairtrade products, which prioritise social, economic and ecological standards. We are certified by FLO-CERT GmbH, an independent certification company from FLO.

Fairtrade certified by FLO-CERT GmbH

Organic-Certificate DE-ÖKO-003

Th. Geyer Ingredients holds an ORGANIC Certification acc. to Article 35 (1) of Regulation (EC) No. 2018/848, our control code is DE-ÖKO-003.

Th. Geyer Ingredients – certified to DE-ÖKO-003

Please contact our Regulatory team for further information.  

EC Flavouring Regulation

New EC Flavouring Regulation

The latest EC Flavouring Regulation can be found here.

Looking for safety data sheets, technical data sheets or analysis certificates?

The customer centre can be found here. You can download safety data sheets, technical data sheets and analysis certificates from there.