Baked Goods - Our Bestsellers

Our expertise in baked goods

With the Bakery Bestsellers brochure Edition 1, we present the most popular flavours and ingredients in the bakery industry with a maximum of flexibility and product variety with a convincing taste.

  • Extracts and flavours (vanilla, butter, lemon, vanillin alternatives and sugar reduction)
  • Functional flours and wheat germs
  • Baking blends and proteins
  • Colours and fruit powders
  • Extrudates and spice blends
  • Nutritional optimisation
  • Caramel fillings and flakes
  • Oils and fat powders
  • Malt extracts

The comprehensive selection of proven qualities helps you to take the first step towards the successful development of your products. By offering even small quantities, we provide you with the necessary space for creativity and individuality. In addition to the usual good taste and the selection of innovative products, the new interactive online catalogue also offers plenty to please the eye!

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