Discover Beef™ & Discover Chicken™ - A passion for meat

Be inspired by our authentic and unique beef and chicken flavourings which sensational variety and intense culinary experiences.

With discover beef™ & discover chicken™ we are your perfect partner for current and future projects.

With our deep understanding of meat flavourings we are able to create with you authentic, natural and vegan culinary creations.


Why beef and chicken?

  • Beef is one of the most important precious kind of meat
  • Our beef and chicken flavourings enable to create appealing culinary delights


discover beef™ & discover chicken™ provide:

  • A large portfolio of natural beef and chicken profiles
  • High intensity and authenticity of all flavourings
  • High impact and long-lasting taste in key applications like soups, sauces, ready meals or meat products
  • A range which covers all key requirements - e.g. halal suitable, vegan, palm-oil free