Our vanillin flavour bestsellers

Market challenges and our solutions

Our product solutions in the area of vanillin

The taste of vanillin is liked in sweet goods all over the world.

Nevertheless, the synthetic Vanillin market has some shortcomings:

  • The market is depending on a few Vanillin suppliers
  • The Vanillin market price is strongly volatile due to frequently changing raw material costs and fluctuating production input costs
  • The market is facing supply chain bottlenecks due to instable Vanillin availability

Symrise offers a broad portfolio providing the beloved Vanillin taste profile while fulfilling the need for availability, price stability and great taste.


Benefits of the Vanillin flavour solutions

  • Sustainable flavour availability which cuts out supply chain bottlenecks
  • Stable and price competitive products
  • Sensory validated and regulatory compliant solutions