Taste for Alternative Proteins (TAP)

Symrise’s initiative towards shifting consumer needs

Currently, the hottest trend in culinary are vegetarian or vegan alternatives to all kinds of meat products for health and environmentally conscious consumers.

Symrise conducted various consumer and market studies to get a profound understanding of the vegan food movement.

“Healthier market products, good for the environment, based solely on natural ingredients, less processing and naturally providing an ultimate taste sensation” are consumer preferences.*

The challenge is to give vegetarian or vegan plant based products a juicy texture, pleasant mouthfeel and full-bodied taste by combining masking components with meaty, spicy, vegetable or smoky notes.

As each plant based protein products differ in its functionality, texture, stability and taste from each other, Symrise worked on a comprehensive flavor and application research project.

Symrise researchers, flavorists, food technologists and chefs succeeded in developing authentic taste solutions for plant based vegan/ vegetarian “meat” products.

The product solutions enable you to create appealing “alternative” products which fulfills consumer desires.

High protein-, less meat- or meatless products – Symrise is delivering an effective answer to this global challenge!


* https://www.foodingredientsfirst.com/news/embracing-emerging-proteins-convincing-the-newbie-veggie-and-the-pighead-omnivore-key-to-broader-acceptance.html

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