VIOGERM® - the most valuable part of wheat

Discover the convincing story of VIOGERM® wheat germs from HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Ltd.

VIOGERM® wheat germs are full of natural goodness - an excellent source of Protein, dietary fibre and more than 70 vitamins and Minerals.

Using a unique and gentle processing method, HOCHDORF transform simple wheat germs to VIOGERM® Gold wheat germs, retaining all the natural benefits while extending the shelf life to an industry leading 12 months.

Consumers and businesses are looking for natural and reliable ingredients with nutritional benefits. VIOGERM® Gold wheat germs have a naturally pleasant, sweet and nutty flavour providing the perfect combination of health and taste.

With VIOGERM® Gold wheat gems you can bring back the often missing part of wheat to our daily nutrition providing a natural story in a healthy direction.

Added-value with VIOGERM®:

  • 100 % natural and GMO-free
  • Superior Aroma with  a full bodied and intense flavour
  • Cost saving possibilities compared with nuts
  • Significant increase of protein and dietary fibre in your products
  • Well-balanced nutritional profile with many essential vitamins and minerals
  • Processing advantages within product formulations