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Th. Geyer Services

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Contract manufacturing
We can mix a variety of ingredients to suit our customers requirements.
We have a large number of different mixing options, for example a 200kg powder mixer or a liquid mixer for a capacity of 300 to 1000 litres. This gives us the flexibility to offer various production processes for powdered and liquid products including small quantities. Our products range from basic and special chemicals, ingredients for cosmetics to premixes for food or beverages.


Our service includes a multi-stage, semi-automatic or manual mixing of solid and liquid raw materials, intermediate products and finished products. At each transfer point, the product can be assembled individually and packaged or integrated into a further production process.


Contract filling and contract decanting
We mix, fill and package products in a range of containers whether in dry or liquid formats. In our in-house laboratory, we can carry out quality tests to guarantee the safety and quality of the high-quality finished products. Our filling options enable flexible filling of a wide range of products even under difficult conditions, for example, the exclusion of oxygen.


Filtering and sieving


We offer manual or semi-automatic filtration for most liquid and viscous materials. The filter process can be adapted to your individual requirements, such as with a nitrogen layer. Filtration can also be part of a more complex manufacturing process.

Our company offers semi-automatic sieving in a range of common sieve sizes.

Warehouse and Logistics
As an experienced logistics service provider, we are familiar with all clearance processes and linked regulations at ports or airports around the globe. Our warehousing facilities offer a whole spectrum of services.

• Storage and warehouse service

• Logistics service

Distribution Partner
As a professional trading house, we are proud to be partnered with our exclusive suppliers like Symrise, Senson, Nigay, Fuchs and Femtorp.