• Gasodor® S-free
    Successful takeover of new business unit

    We expanded our portfolio by a brand new branch. Find more information about the sulphur-free odorant Gasodor® S-free on the new homepage:


  • OPTAROM® Fruit Powders
    delivering the authentic taste of nature

    Be inspired by the new Optarom fruit powder range! The Symrise unique gentle production process protects the authentic sensory profile of the fresh fruits

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  • Natural solutions
    for lovely Ice Creams

    Be inspired by these lovely delicious and natural fruit solutions!

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  • Taste for Alternative Proteins (TAP) –
    Symrise’s initiative towards shifting consumer needs

    High protein-, less meat- or meatless products – Symrise is delivering an effective answer to this global challenge!

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  • Totally Nuts -
    impactful authenticity

    Symrise developed a new flavor range covering the common taste directions Hazelnut, Pistachio and Peanut.

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  • Natural Discover Beef & Discover Chicken
    A Passion for meat

    With discover beef™ & discover chicken™ we are your perfect partner for current and future projects.

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  • ONION -
    Simply Talented!

    Based on our comprehensive knowledge, we offer a wide selection of onion taste solutions for many applications.

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  • Nigay
    the art and science of caramelization

    Be inspired from our unique caramels for all applications.

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Be inspired by the new Optarom fruit powder range!...

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