• Taste for Alternative Proteins (TAP) –
    Symrise’s initiative towards shifting consumer needs

    High protein-, less meat- or meatless products – Symrise is delivering an effective answer to this global challenge!

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  • Totally Nuts -
    impactful authenticity

    Symrise developed a new natural identical flavor range covering the common taste directions Hazelnut, Pistachio and Peanut.

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  • Natural Discover Beef & Discover Chicken
    A Passion for meat

    With discover beef™ & discover chicken™ we are your perfect partner for current and future projects.

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  • ONION -
    Simply Talented!

    Based on our comprehensive knowledge, we offer a wide selection of onion taste solutions for many applications.

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  • Vanilla
    for Millennials

    Creating new innovative product ideas by designing new unexplored taste experiences with vanilla

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  • Nigay
    the art and science of caramelization

    Be inspired from our unique caramels for all applications.

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