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  • ONION -

    Simply Talented!

    Based on our comprehensive knowledge, we offer a wide selection of onion taste solutions for many applications.

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  • Vanilla

    for Millennials

    Creating new innovative product ideas by designing new unexplored taste experiences with vanilla

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  • Update Caramel Portfolio

    Innovative products from the world of caramel

    Are you looking for innovative products from the world of caramel for the different areas of chocolate, baked goods, ice cream, dairy, cereals, soft drinks, colours, burnt sugar, certified caramels and beer?

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  • FEMTORP® - Dessert

    Simplicity never tasted better!

    Using high quality ingredients and easy to prepare, these products
    offer you top quality desserts.

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  • Nigay

    the art and science of caramelization

    Be inspired from our unique caramels for all applications.

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  • Discover Beef™

    From the kitchens of the world

    It's about authentic, intense and unique beef experiences developed around key beef applications and deep consumer understanding.

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  • Creating new innovative product ideas...

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