Th. Geyer

Th. Geyer


Shoe polish for
black smooth leather

This high quality polish which has been formulated for leather and wax-based products has proven itself in the Bundeswehr for decades (according to BW TL8030-0017). Our shoe polish cares for and permeates the leather keeping it supple whilst maintaining its breathability. Using our specially formulated polish ensures that leather footwear can withstand all extremes of weather.

The shoe polish is suitable for all black smooth leather footwear and is available in either 125ml tubes
or 1 KG bulk consumer cans. Our leather care product contains of a mixture of dissolved waxes, aromatic-free oils, (no CHCs) oil-soluble dyes and water repellents (silicone). It does not contain any strong acids
or free alkalis.

Impregnating Spray for Suede & Textile

FLORAL® Leather Impregnation was specially developed for the care of suede leather, textiles and mixed membrane fabrics.
The spray is easy to apply, is highly absorbent and keeps the material supple and water-resistant.

As a long-standing supplier in the military sector, our impregnating spray is used exclusively for leather care in warm climatic zones. The product is available in a 150 ml pump bottle. Our FLORAL® Leather Impregnation contains a mixture of aromatic-free oils
(no CHCs), emulsifiers, essential oils and water repellents in an aqueous solution. It does not contain any strong acids.

Emergency Drinking Water

Th. Geyer Ingredients drinking water pouches are approved by the German BG Verkehr under number 413.009. These waterproof emergency drinking water pouches can be used in any emergency situations on land, sea, or air as they are pressure and temperature stable.

The minimum shelf life of our chlorinated drinking water pouches is 5 years after production.